Rss not validating

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And I did a bunch of investigation to try to first understand the issue, and then to fix it. But I was saved by the coding expertise of Shane Bishop, the brains behind the incredible plugin, EWWW Image Optimizer which can compress the images on your Word Press blog in order to make it serve content faster. ) So, I can’t take ANY credit for the fix that follows!

(Just the documentation of it.)Here’s what the issue was.

The majority of the common errors experienced when working with RSS Feeds are due to the strict XML syntax structure.

If you receive an error on your RSS feed, first make sure that you have public posts on your site.

A while ago, I decided I wanted to add the trademark symbol (™) to my Word Press site name – High Tech Dad – so that all pages and articles would have “High Tech Dad™” tagged on to the end of each page title.

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I first opened the HTML source of my home page and I noticed that there was a block of junk after the This looks very suspicious but couldn’t figure out how it was getting appended there. So I started disabling the plugins to see if any of the plugins were adding this weird block of code.

When this didn’t help I got a little frustrated and decided to do a UNIX Grep to see where that string of text was coming from.

Surprisingly, it revealed that it was coming from the “index.php” file in the root of my domain which had the following in it’s header: Obviously something altered the “index.php” file (most likely a dodgy plugin).

Even though RSS is a relatively simple technology, it can be incorrectly implemented by many tools.

To prevent this, validators were constructed to translate the feed into code to make it easier to determine if you the site is producing RSS correctly.

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