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A shirtless teen boy points a wide sword at a screen and demands a teen girl to remove her shirt in an online chat; she opens the shirt to reveal her sternum and slight curves of her breasts on either side (we see panties and bare legs) as she touches her crotch briefly and says, "I'm sexy when you're violent" and he laughs; she pulls one buttock through the leg of her panties and squeezes it with one hand in close-up.

A "Live Video Cams" ad online displays only torsos and hips of women wearing T-shirts and panties while wriggling and dancing; one woman raises a shirt slightly to show the bottoms of her breasts.

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On the anniversary of her death, she seems to have returned to her online accounts, tormenting six friends until she can find out who posted the original video.

Also with Will Peltz, Matthew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson, Shelley Hennig, Moses Storm, Jacob Wysocki and Renee Olstead. [] - A still shot from a video shows a girl in a micro-mini skirt lying face down on the ground and drunk with her legs spread (we see full bare legs and a glimpse of underwear) and Sharpie pen markings depict a large arrow on one thigh that point to her crotch, along with a sexually explicit phrase (we see this scene a half dozen times).

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