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Those clients seemed like such a cliché: The lonely guys who were looking for a pretend girlfriend for a couple of hours. The cam site was set up so they could see and hear me, but all I saw of them was typed words on a screen; I sometimes imagined their voices as being polite and calm, especially the ones who spelled everything correctly.They asked me about my day, how my schoolwork was going (for the sake of the cams, I was a 22-year-old grad student), and, if they got down to any sexual requests, it was with a hint of apology. Sometimes, a client had a camera and asked if I'd like to see them. I just loved taking off my clothes and sucking on my fingers.When you decide to go private with a model anything goes as long as she's into it.Toys are a staple of any hot session and users can even turn on their own webcams so that the girls can enjoy a show of their own.

My first client that night was a guy named John who just wanted to talk. When we finished, I was 0 richer, and he felt like he knew me.This compilation of the best animated GIFS of sexy cam girls online contains some of the hottest out there.Cam girls will do anything for the camera and their audience.In these live webcam sites, users are able to find all kinds of hot and sexy models. But often times, users get to record the sessions they are having with these super hot babes.When that happens, they turn the sex sessions into animated porn GIFS images.

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