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For instance, the transplanted British slang for bathing suit (or rather, bathing costume), cossie, is just as acceptably spelled cossie,cozzy and cozzie. Aussie Lance Brooker writes, "I must say as someone from the 'east' there really are definite differences between Vic, NSW, QLD (eastern states) and South Australia/WA (non-eastern states).As you mentioned - a lot of this must be because of the larger amount of people directly derived from english stock - probably non-convict/free settler stock too...The motorcycle streamliner is powered by two 1,299 cc (79.3 cu in) Suzuki Hayabusa engines, using a single Garrett turbocharger, intercooled with dry ice at 35 pounds per square inch (240 k Pa) boost, which produce more than 900 horsepower, and runs on Mickey Thompson tires.While pursuing the land-speed record, the Ack Attack experienced a number of failed attempts, including runs which ended in spectacular crashes.tat das Gleiche (kurzzeitig) mit Leonard Freier, nachdem sie in der Staffel mit Christian Tews nur Zweite wurde.Wir sind gespannt, wie die Chemie zwischen Sebastian Pannek und Tina beim Bachelor 2017 sein wird!

The Australian love of slang is perhaps unparalleled anywhere in the world, adding a rich vocabulary of original words to the world's Englishes.So we in the east seem a tad less formal and use less typically english phrases. To me 'bathers' is a word used by a Mum trying to be posh or sound upper class...So, in fact it is not just the location (east vs west) but the socio-economic class." My son, who has lived for extended periods of time in both Perth and Sydney, was the first to mention that Australian accents aren't as diverse as American accents, yet also the first to mention that there are what he calls "localisms": "In the west, beer is pronounced bee-ah, in the east beeh.Appearing to wake up bright and early for an Easter egg hunt with her kids, she captured a picture of her twins dressed in bunny-printed jumpsuits just before 6am.Within the hour she made the trip to a local park, where daughter Billie, 3, and son Oscar, 5, excitedly searched high and low for their chocolate treats.

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