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An antique brass candle is a single candle holder made from old brass.

These types of brass candlestick were made in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Inscription: Arabic, on neck, body, and rim of top of body; (on neck) "Glory, Triumph, Prosperity, Kindness, Salvation, and Favors ... Kindness, Munificence, Favors, and Fortune"; (on top of body) "Prosperity, Fortune, Munificence, Generosity, Favors to the Owner, Happiness, Salvation, Long life" [the following inscription has been added later: "The Owner is Zeineb, daughter of Amir of the believers al-Hadi li-din-Allah"]; (on body) "Glory to our Lord, The greatest King, the great Sultan, the wise, the Just, the Fighter for the Faith, the Warden of Islam, the Generous". "The Educated Eye," January 1973–February 1973, no catalogue.

Translation by Yassir al-Tabba (1978):-Band on neck: "Glory and victory, true prosperity, generosity and praise, virtues, glory, survival, generosity, virtues, dignity, and wealth, generosity, virtue, survival"; -Shoulder: "Generosity, virtue, survival, virtue to its owner, and happiness, security and longevity ... Zaynab daughter of the commander of the faithful al-Mahdi li-Din Allah, prosperity to our lord, the king, the greatest, the great sultan, the wise, the just, the fighter for the faith, the warrior, the honored".

In the medallions decorating this candlestick sits a ruler on a lion‑throne with harpies and attendants, and figures holding a crescent personifying the Moon.

Arabic inscriptions around the base and neck wish the owner well and list his princely titles, reinforcing the themes of royal authority and prosperity conveyed in the imagery. "Arte islamico del Museo Metropolitano de Arte de Nueva York," September 30, 1994–January 8, 1995, no.

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The candles were made to be carried by a base with a rounded finger-handle on one side.

They were used at night for walking around, or sometimes kept by a bed for reading.

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