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We can text and email dozens of people in a matter of minutes, all while going about our day as usual.

This is undoubtedly a convenient new technology, but as a matchmaker I often find these advances have made people feel very detached from each other, and dating has lost the sense of intimacy and reliability that it once had.

His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world.

Back in the days before the text message, when a man called a woman and asked her on a date, he didn’t have the option of sending a quick note to cancel at the last minute.

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A lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons friends fight and even sometimes end their friendship.It is the cause behind: Are there certain times when you and a friend usually misunderstand each other?Did you make plans over Facebook that got messed up?If there are certain situations that continually cause problems between you and your friend, change the way you communicate.We can get all too used to using email or Facebook, for example, instead of just picking up the phone and leaving a message.

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