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What starts out as a simple cat and mouse story as Anna hides from the intruders becomes something much more interesting.

This is a film that zigs where so many others would just zag and the new take is welcome and refreshing.

Beth: And I guess we’re going to start answering questions now, so here’s the first one.

Interview with Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge of "Leverage" on TNT 11/7/12 I love "Leverage". The cast is always so nice to speak to on these interviews. And, you know, it all plays into the fact that we do have freedom to help build these characters how we see fit because of the fact that its collaboration. The writers, the producers, and then also the actors to make these, you know, lasting characters and those substantial television figures you know what I mean?

I have a special fondness for Aldis Hodge, who was my first one-on-one interview years ago! (Crosstalk) Lisa Steinberg: Although Kendra has such a brotherly rapport with Eliot; is that something that was originally written for you?

Do you think it’s always important to have those sorts of shake-ups, to keep things fresh for both you and the viewers? I love my job, simply because we can keep things fresh, all the time. For us, as actors, it keeps us interested in our jobs and it keeps us coming back to work, every day. What’s it like to finally have the pay-off for the Hardison-Parker relationship? It’s good, but I think the pay-off is more for our audience because they’ve been waiting for so long.

A new setting is amazing ‘cause it’s new for the team and it’s new for our characters. You get so tired, locked into a show for so many years. Every time I step out onto the street, somebody would ask me, “So, what’s happening with y’all?

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